@Akut_herakut asked for contact out of isolation and got my response. Enjoy this unique tour through inspiring studios as lively spaces in constant use by 40 artists from all over the globe. A refreshing and comforting symbol for the connection of all individuals as parts of an universal infinite, living mind, in which you don’t necessarily need to check in physically. It’s always out there.


short film by AKUT, 2020. Idea and Editing: AKUT

Camera (participating artists): @Adnate Melbourne, Australia; @Akut_herakut Berlin, Germany; @AndreasEnglundArt Falun, Sweden; @apolotorres São Paulo, Brazil; @23base Berlin, Germany; @bezt_etam & @nataliarakart Turek, Poland; @cantwo Wuppertal, Germany; @cristianblanxer Barcelona, Spain; @conorsaysboom London, UK; @craola Torrance, California; @daniel_man_codeak Munich, Germany; @spurcus_am Erfurt, Germany; @douglas_greed Berlin, Germany; @drewmerritt Saint Vrain, New Mexico; @hueman_ Oakland, California; @james_bullough Berlin, Germany; @kameahadar Hawai
@kevinledo Montreal, Canada; @kkade_schwarzmaler Bern, Switzerland; @louismasai Margate, UK; @low_bros Hamburg, Germany; @mad_c1 Halle, Germany; @marc_jung_ Erfurt, Germany; @ztm_oruam San Antonio, Texas; @telmomiel Amsterdam & Rotterdam, Netherlands; @mikedargas Los Angeles, California; @natepaints Los Angeles, California; @nunoviegas.pt Amsterdam, Netherlands; @onurpainting Berlin, Germany; @paola_delfin & @mateusbailon Itajaí, Brazil; @heypatyeah Detroit, Michigan; @rickyleegordon Sri Lanka; @suiko1 Hiroshima, Japan; @wes21_schwarzmaler Bern, Switzerland; @waone_interesnikazki Kyiv, Ukraine; @markus_wow123_genesius Bremen, Germany

Special thanks to: @pablonouvelle for your exclusively composed and very lovely piece of music „M’Goun“.